The Industry Certifications Behind Our Team’s Success

The technology landscape is continuously changing. The solutions that worked in the past may not serve your current business needs.

We understand this.

That’s why our IT team keeps pace with emerging technologies through continuous learning and top industry certifications. We pride ourselves in some of these leading, IT industry certifications:


A certification for PC service technicians. It’s designed to certify competency in the installation, maintenance, customization, and troubleshooting of personal computers.


The Network+ (Network Plus) equips networking technicians with knowledge in the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and support of business networks – including a comprehensive grounding in cutting-edge networking technologies.


The Cisco Certified Entry Networking certification covers, among other things, small enterprise networking management and basic network security


CCNA is a leading certification from Cisco Systems that tests and validates the ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot small and medium-sized business networks

CCNA Security

Designed to test and validate the skills needed to create, develop, and maintain security infrastructure, CCNA Security equips technicians with the ability to recognize and mitigate threats and vulnerabilities.

Areas of Technical Expertise – Equipped to Serve Your Evolving Business Needs

The expertise behind these certifications helps us to serve business technology needs. Some of the areas in which we are uniquely equipped to support you include:

  • Managed IT Services – Partnering with you in the conceptualization, design, and maintenance of the IT infrastructure that supports your business processes
  • Backup/Disaster Recovery – Providing critical support to plan, secure data or IT assets, and ensure continued workflow during and after a localized disaster
  • Email services – Securing, supporting, and troubleshooting email platforms – ensuring seamless communication and collaboration
  • Assessment Services (Security, HIPAA, PCI) – Advising and providing compliance support around IT security, network efficiency, and legislative compliance
  • IT Consulting – Collaborating in the formulation and execution of strategic IT goals
  • Cloud Services – Keeping your cloud assets secure, optimized, and working seamlessly with on-site IT assets.
  • Security Services – Securing your IT assets while providing cybersecurity advice and ongoing IT protection
  • Computer Networking – Designing, implementing, managing, and troubleshooting critical network infrastructure