Cloud Services & Cloud Computing For Businesses Throughout Kansas City

Offering flexibility, security, and cost savings to your company.

Ready to Take Advantage of Mobility, Scalability, and Cost Savings?

Businesses across Kansas City are taking advantage of cloud technologies.


Well, there are a lot of reasons, but here’s one:

The flexibility and ability to scale up with your business exactly when you need it takes all the stress out from you having to worry about any expansions. It completely removes the need for you to pause, shop around for a new server, wait for it to arrive, have someone come in and connect it to your systems, provide any troubleshooting, and many more of the headaches that small and medium-sized businesses run into.

Conduit makes moving to cloud solutions and working within the cloud simple for you with our on-demand cloud computing solutions.

Cloud Computer Services

What is the cloud and What Does it Offer My Business?

When people talk about “the cloud,” they often think of some data and applications that are “out there somewhere.”

Let’s nail that concept down a little better for you.

The cloud simply means that your data and server-based software are located away from your business on secure servers and managed by our team.

Your data, server-based software, backups, and data restores are completely managed and ensured of their security and uptime by us rather than by you.

If a computer goes down at your office, it’s no problem! Rather than store all your data locally on say, one computer or server, we handle all the updates, security, and backups so you can focus on your tasks and your employee’s productivity.

Is Now the Time to Switch to Cloud Services?

You’ve likely been thinking about making the transition for some time but haven’t quite taken the jump yet. We’d like to encourage you to move to the cloud sooner rather than later.

Cloud computing and the mechanics involved have come a long way, and our company makes transitioning a smooth operation.

Rather than wait for a data loss emergency, we encourage businesses like yours to reach out and see exactly what it is we offer and how we can simplify your technology needs.

  • No more hiring extra IT staffers
  • No more surprise capital costs
  • No more panic if the server is down or a hard drive goes out

We take all that stress and worry away.

It’s our job to keep your data up and running all day every day so that you can focus on your business.

What is Provided Within the Conduit Cloud Computing Solution?

Our competitive pricing and model offers the following:

  • Data and Workflow Security – To protect your business and its data online with all the best practices that exist today – completely managed, updated, and monitored by us year-round.
  • 24/7 Service and Support – We are on call, responsive, and available when you need us.
  • Data Protection – Secured data that is stored with the latest compliance and regulations in mind.
  • IT Tools You Can Use – Your data and cloud-hosted applications are still yours, and we have the tools to allow you to use those assets remotely.