Email Solutions and Security for Kansas City Businesses

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Having a Secured and Well-Maintained Email Platform is Key to Business Communications and Productivity. – How Good is Your Email Setup?

We live in a hyper-connected world, with multiple channels of communications available.

But, email is still the preferred communications method among business users. Given its popularity, email has become one of the preferred media for hackers attempting to transfer infected files and take control of remote computers.

What Does Conduit Do to Ensure Email Efficiency and Security?

We’re sure that you don’t want to know all the technical stuff. Here’s the whole thing in a nutshell. Our IT specialists have the capability to provide you with secure, encrypted, easily accessible email communications on both desktop and mobile devices.

Are Forward-Leaning Businesses Still Using Email?

Research from Statista shows that in 2019, 90.9% of U.S. internet users send at least one email per month. Research from Technalysis Research shows email is still the preferred method of sharing information between co-workers. Despite the number of new communications alternatives, old fashioned email continues to be a key component of every company’s daily operations

Is Email Safe?

The number of threats on the internet has grown significantly over recent years. One of the preferred methods for malicious users to infect a computer is email.

In a classic email attack, malicious users will use a fake sender name, include an infected attachment, and create compelling copy to prompt the users to download or execute the infected attachment.

Once the user opens the infected file, a virus is installed in the user’s computer that will allow the attacker to access files or take control of the infected computer remotely.

With proper security measures in place, these threats can be mitigated.

Are All Email Solutions Similar?

Emails servers and clients have evolved throughout the years. Modern email solutions are being rebranded as collaboration solutions, and they usually include functionalities like cloud file sharing, video conferencing services, and document editing.

Based on your business requirements, a simple email solution is all that you may need. But taking advantage of the latest functionalities and improvements may help your enterprise achieve a greater level of efficiency and collaboration.

How to implement a secure email solution?

Securing your email platform is essential if you’re going to avoid any security exposure that could potently damage your business. A properly secured email platform will need a secure server component and properly trained end users.

On the server side, configurations or solutions like spam filters, content firewalls, and email encryption can greatly reduce the security risk.

On the end-user side, using a strong password and scanning attachments before opening them can also reduce the risk of security exposure.

What Email Security Tips Can I Give My Employees Right Now?

  • Use strong passwords. Use a password that is hard to guess, and have a combination of upper case letters, numbers and special characters like #$%^.
  • Never open attachments without scanning. Most modern email solutions include real-time protection to scan for viruses or malicious code on email attachments. Never open an attachment without running a virus scan first.
  • Never access email from public Wi-Fi. A malicious user with the right tools can easily steal your email credentials when you access a public or unsecured Wi-Fi.
  • Be careful with the unsubscribe button from an email. A common tactic hackers use to put malicious code in the unsubscribe button of emails, after all, you want to get rid of those unwanted emails, be careful when clicking on the unsubscribe button, as you may be subscribing to a virus.