Stop Grinding Your Teeth Over Bad IT

From appointments and patient records to treatment plans and insurance information, your dental practice handles tons of data every day. Is crucial information available when you need it? We host your data and applications on the cloud so that you can treat your patients with the most comprehensive intel available – no more scrambling for lost files.

If you often have to fill out paperwork or run scans because the original versions are nowhere to be found, you know how important reliable storage and backup solutions are to your business. We keep patient and insurance data secure by migrating it to the cloud and backing it up regularly for easy recovery in case of equipment failure, user error or natural disaster – saving you the hassle and cost of replacing it. Since you’re required to meet compliance standards like HIPAA and PCI, we design solutions that protect confidential data even as regulations change so that you can avoid noncompliance fines, a damaged reputation and broken customer trust.

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