IT Services & IT Support in Olathe, KS

Can Conduit Technical Services Help Improve Your Olathe Business’ Workflow?

Change can be frightening. Sometimes that fear of the unknown leads to businesses stagnating – trying to struggle along with the technology acquisitions they bought when they first opened their business to the public and outdated IT support strategies.

But old technology holds you back from reaching your business’ true potential.

This is why outsourcing your technical support to a professional IT services provider can help your business shine.

A customized maintenance and management solution for your IT infrastructure will help improve internal work processes.

If you’re ready for an edge that will keep your business competitive, it’s time to say goodbye to your outdated IT assets and partner with Conduit for new technologies and better IT support.

Managed IT Services Olathe, KS

Managed IT Services is a comprehensive approach to providing total IT support for businesses that are highly technology dependent. Conduit Technical Services offers holistic IT care by providing complete maintenance, security, management, and operational monitoring within a monthly subscription model to their valued clients.

Check Out Our Lineup of IT Services.

Managed IT Services

Let us manage your network, devices, and day-to-day support needs within a predictable, monthly subscription model.

Support by the Hour
Have an urgent computer problem? Need some help NOW? – Give us a call.

Backup & Disaster Recovery – Business Continuity

Keep your business processes running. Whatever data or workflow you have, we can back it up safely and securely. It’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Email Services

We do all things email. Email service, security, support, migration, you name it.

IT Consulting

Need to integrate technology into your business, but not sure how to approach it? Have IT-impacted executive decisions to make? We can help.

Security Services

Let us audit your environment for vulnerabilities, provide resolution, and implement ongoing security.

Cloud Services

Interested in what the cloud has to offer? Looking for mobile, scalable, and cost-efficient options? We can help.

Other Services

If it involves technology, we can support it. In the rare case we cannot, we can help you find someone who can.

Assessment Services

Our network, HIPAA, and PCI assessment services provide a thorough look into your environment. You may be surprised by what we find.

Help Desk Services

Are IT questions and troubleshooting getting in the way of workflow? – Provide your employees with access to the technicians with the answers.

Business Telephones

Are you ready to take the next step in business communications? Look into VOIP. It’s much more than a traditional telephone system.

Data and Low-Voltage Cabling

Getting ready for a new build or doing a reno? Don’t let an electrician do network cabling. Get a low-voltage cabling specialist on your side.

Office 365 and G-Suite Support

Want to make better use of all the features of Office 365 or G-Suite? Have Office 365 or G-Suite questions? Looking to migrate from one platform to the other? Call us.