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Technology That Supports Your Small Business

For many small business operators, IT is the stuff they don’t understand that keeps them up at night because they never know when it’s going to crash and take their business down with it. Think of Conduit Technical Services as your cure for insomnia. Sleep well and put 100 percent of your focus on your business. Count on us to take care of your IT.

When people wear multiple hats, they need technology that accelerates how quickly they perform tasks, enabling them to wear all those hats with distinction. Conduit Technical Services hosts your most-used applications in the cloud for optimal reliability, easier collaboration among your team and speedy, anytime, anywhere access. We make it simple to upload, download and organize the documents you need to run your business. Share files between individuals, departments or companies with a touch. And – should the need arise due to power failure, natural disaster or sabotage – retrieve lost files from a secure backup. Relax, we’ve got it.

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